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less than ordinary overweight but not yet obese mum trying to break out of the ordinary

February 8, 2010

Hi guys,

This is my first ever blog and I don’t really know yet what I am doing but hopefully I’ll get the hang of this soon.

I was trying to label myself the other day as I think I am at a major crossroads in my life and if my life and lifestyle doesn’t change I will sink into oblivion and eventually die.

Who ever thought they had potential that had never been realised?    (no I’m not selling anything I swear)

Who ever thought they were destined to become more than what they are?

Who ever thought why don’t people see I am a unique individual with something to offer?


I did, I do and yet I am. How about you.

I have been waiting for an epiphany that hasn’t come, and a life more than ordinary that isn’t going to come unless I do something about it. I was thinking the other day I want to live an extraordinary life. ( What is left of it as I am now closer to 50 than 40) Then I thought about the word extraordinary. What exactly does that mean. So I looked it up in the dictionary. Here is what it said.


1 Beyond what is usual, ordinary, regular or established.

2 Exceptional in character, amount, extent, degree etc.

I don’t get it. When you think of the word extraordinary what is it really saying. I mean it is two words extra and ordinary. Doesn’t that really mean you are extra good at being ordinary. Which in effect would make you really really ordinary or perhaps less than ordinary, of which I already think I am so maybe I really am an extraordinary person but really don’t know it yet.

Well, I already think my life is less than ordinary. Why? Because I believe I have not yet realised my potential. Whether that potential will just make me ordinary or more than that I don’t yet know.

Anyway to briefly describe to my life. I have four son’s only two of which are still at home. One that most of my life has to revolve around for at least the next year due to an horrific accident he suffered nearly a year ago. I have no money but I can’t work. I have idea’s but no money behind me to formulate them. I have something to share, but no one to share it with. I am also thinking I may have something to promote but no one to promote it to.

YES, I need a life.

So anyway I took my first step (I think, full evaluation not in yet) on what I hope to be a successful business venture (actually I have a number of them swirling around in my slightly less than ordinary looking head) by attending a 3 day seminar to try to learn the skills I don’t yet have from what I truly hope were the advertised industry experts.

By day three I even had the courage to take the microphone and talk to one of them. Yes he sounded great at what he does and he probably is, (I certainly hope so because I have signed up for a workshop with him) but no sooner had I said I had an idea than he asked if anyone else was already doing it. My answer was not really a firm no but a no none the less. Well, this guru who I was hoping to give me insight, knowledge and the great epiphany mocked me (harsh words and I don’t really think it was his intention) in front of the few hundred people there by saying. Well it’s going to fail then. The gist of what he had to say was that any really good idea someone else was either already doing or had tried and it had failed.

I tried to sink as low into my chair as I could and wished I had an invisibility cloak to wrap around myself, or a button to press to zip me out of there, or that I could turn back time and not open my stupid mouth at all. To make it worse for the rest of his considerable presentation he kept referring back to it and every time he did I felt a burning sensation in my head and thought I was going to vomit. That was really just another moment in what is already a life filled with embarrassing moments life. (I suffer constantly from foot in mouth disease, am one of the world’s clumsiest people and look, dress and speak like a bogan from the western suburbs. If you are Australian, and particularly from the Western Suburbs no offence intended you will understand totally what I am talking about)

Well anyway, I dont think he has dissuaded me yet because even though no one is doing it, it is based on 4 very popular concepts, and if I knew how to do it (which I still didn’t quite get out of the seminar, unless I pay a small fortune to get more knowledge,) I would give it a go, and I am going to be really positive here, one day I will.

So from that I get either of 2 things.

Either I am one of the dumbest sons of bitches (can I say that) alive.

Or I have a belief I can succeed and no guru is going to tell me otherwise.

Time will tell on that because if there is anything thing I took away from the 3 days it is that

 “Don’t let anyone tell you can’t succeed”

“Invest in the journey”  (Keep reading because I am really not going to try to sell anything) (Oh God, I sound just like them)

Research, Research, Research

and finally, “Believe in yourself”

So now I sit here doing my first ever blog that maybe no one will ever read, because I don’t know how people find your blog unless they know you anyway, and I would be too embarrassed to tell any of my friend’s about it. You are welcome to give me idea’s on that. I will say that all the speakers said blog, blog, blog because it is a great media outlet.

I am still thinking about how to be a success in life, and which idea I may be able to get off the ground first. Obviously not my big idea that will fail because I was told so, but one that is not so grand an idea that would be easier to formulate.

Hang on, that’s still an idea. But isn’t anything an idea before you take action. Wow I sound like a philosopher now.

Well, all I can offer in this blog is for you guys (if there are any out there listening) to come on my journey with me. I will offer more insight into my life over time. The good, the bad and the ugly. I will share with you my struggles and hopefully triumphs. And you can help me by responding to my blogs. Let me know what you think if I offer any crazy ideas. Tell me how to do something if I dont know how.

I also just started a twitter account, obviously not because I am so technically minded but because the guru’s all told me too. I don’t even know how to tell you to follow me yet, other than that my account there is also under karenleamooney. So if you know how you are welcome to follow me.

By the way if anyone can tell me how to upload my photo onto my site please tell me.

Thanks for listening guys and I’ll post again soon.



Hello world!

February 7, 2010

OK, this is scary. I am planning on basically writing an on line diary of my attempt to change my world. My succeed, may fail, but I’ll try not to bore people to death.

I suppose this is only a quick hello and a test to see if I know what I am doing.